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Our philosophy is to allow participants to ask questions and to have an interactive experience.

All presentations are tailor made to suite the content and duration required by the client.

We can provide you with a specific session to cater for your organisation’s needs, if you would like to:

- enhance your employee’s knowledge of disability issues

- improve your employee’s customer service skills to understand the needs of a person with a disability

- foster collaborative working relationships between staff, if you have employed a person with a disability

We strive to provide the most appropriate training package for your organisation and will work with you to achieve this.

Government authorities and Corporate Presentations

Physical access

Access to services


Customer service

Communication and Etiquette


Government Disability Access and Inclusion Plans


Our lecture presentations demonstrate the need for professionals in the life of a person with a disability and how important they are for them to function in all aspects of life.

Keynote Speaking

For corporate functions or conferences Another Angle Consulting and Training provide speakers who are inspirational, interesting and entertaining.


Another Angle Consulting and Training school presentations are designed to encourage the respect of each other’s abilities and difference as well as to believe in themselves and to be all that they can be through sharing of personal life experiences and challenges.

Online Options

We do not offer online course as the presentations are designed to be interactive in their nature. However presentations can be delivered via video conferencing if required.

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